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 172 MASON

SKU Item Description PIECE Category Weight (lbs.) Cubes (cu. ft.) Item Length Item Width Item Height Photos
172TOSPEP-S Mason Sofa in Tosh Pepper SOFA Sofa, Married Cover 126 45.29 W91" D36" H38"
172TOSPEP-LS Mason Loveseat in Tosh Pepper LOVESEAT Loveseat, Married Cover 95 32.65 W67" D36" H38"
172TOSPEP-C Mason Chair in Tosh Pepper CHAIR Chair, Married Cover 67 20.01 W43" D36" H38"
907HIGCHA-AOT Wilkes Ottoman in Highway Charcoal ACCENT OTTO Accent Ottoman 31 11.25 W37" D37" H20"
172MONASH-S Mason Sofa in Montego Bay Ash SOFA Sofa, Married Cover, New Introductions 126 45.29 W91" D36" H38"
172MONASH-LS Mason Loveseat in Montego Bay Ash LOVESEAT Loveseat, Married Cover, New Introductions 95 32.65 W67" D36" H38"
172MONASH-C Mason Chair in Montego Bay Ash CHAIR Chair, Married Cover, New Introductions 67 20.01 W43" D36" H38"
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